The R/C Bv 141 was designed in CAD from the ground up using existing three-view drawings and photographs. A scale of 1/8 was chosen, yielding a wingspan of 87 inches or 2210 centimeters. The plans are in three sheets as shown in the following pages.

The Bv 141 was designed for observation. It used a high-lift, low drag airfoil to give it a slow, efficient cruise. The Eppler 374 airfoil was chosen for the model, which is very close to the scale airfoil profile. Actual airfoil data for the full size Bv 141 was never found. The Eppler 374 is a very efficient laminar flow airfoil with a wide speed envelope. The Bv 141 will therefore fly fast at high throttle settings, but it will also fly very slowly when needed. The generous wing area results in relatively light wing loading.

The result is that the model flys more like a sport plane than a warbird. The model does not tip stall in a turn like alot of warbirds.

Engine .90 - .120
Wingspan 87.75 in / 2229 mm
Length 66.57 in / 1691 mm
Wing Area 1227 sq. in. / 3117 cm^2
Weight 12-16 lb. / 5-7 kg
Wing Loading 24 oz. / sq. ft. @ 14 lb.

Building Guide

You can download a PDF version of the Building Guide here. A hardcopy is provided with the short kit or can be purchased separately.

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Maiden Flight

Still don't believe this thing can fly? Check out the video of the prototype's maiden flight.

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